Rusk County Youth Council


RCYC Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Rusk County Youth Council to combine the resources of the county for the purpose of preventing and solving violence, alcohol, tobacco, and other drug problems of our children and youth by integrating resources through communication and collaborative planning towards prevention of at risk behavior, encouragement of health and wellness, positive youth development, and resiliency for youth ages 0-21 years and their families.

What is RCYC?

Rusk County Youth Council is a group of committed community members who have come together to create an environment that we can be proud to have our youth group up in.

Why Join RCYC?

Work toward creating a healthier community in Rusk County
Opportunities for networking and training
Provide direct input on the direction of youth programming

Who Can Join?

Anyone who cares about the youth of Rusk County. There are no dues and everyone who attends a meeting is a voting member.

Impact of RCYC

From 2011 to 2016, Rusk County 10th graders have reported decreases in their use of alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, and tobacco.

Focus and Goals

Substance Abuse Prevention & Reduction
Mental Health Awareness
Youth Development and Empowerment
We work to increase protective factors and decrease risk factors

What events do we sponsor?

We’re Worth It Day
National Night Out
Teen Leadership Academy
Winter Fest Activities
Community Trainings including Teen Intervene, Mental Health First Aid, and Suicide Prevention

What Can I Do?

Go to an RCYC meeting
Volunteer at an event
Speak up! Tell teens when you are proud of them or see them doing something positive
Attend a Training

There is Still Work to be Done:

Students are still self-reporting feelings of depression and failure
In 2016, Rusk County 8th graders reported a significant increase in knowing adults who have used illegal drugs in the past year.